The Preview

by Urbanizm Music

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Let me be the one to introduce you to the sound in your system That you're about to witness, the future sound, Urbanizm Destroying corny musicians has now become a mission Taking out all competition yet giving them words of wisdom It's for musical lovers and all of those who'll listen Paint a bigger picture for bigger visions like John Hendrixs With a sound so raw, 100% pure For your ears to adore All of the regulars and the followers, we don't want them anymore We're trendsetters, and those who oppose will go to war with us All for one, one for all, that means all of us Khakolak, grab the bat and start swinging at rappers' tourist bus! All genres in this industry needs us We the best 2009, shout out to T-Dub Those not involved, it's now time you need to This ain't even the album yet it's the Preview.... [chorus] I love real music... It's the sound to me, you know what I'm saying? The qualities and the levels, everything gotta be on point... Lyrics man, concepts, ya know what I mean? It's plenty to gain now, a lot to be lost If we don't drop The Preview then hip hop will be lost So to my first love, hip hop, I got you of course If it takes my whole life and some help from Joshua Morse I'm here, DBefekt Urbanizm Affiliate Mustin as well, plus our powerhouse Diggi Dis I can't describe Skrybe when he's getting into it Give Me Wings, I see that all 3 of us was killing it! This is more then rythm, melodies, and hooks Corny rhymes and gimmicks, fake image and looks Dale North's as real as the pale horse on the rook No matter how we may look to y'all, we ain't shook From Neo Soul to hip hop, music is hot Mr. Jones on the team, you get it or get got The Innocent just popped And thanks to Raz Aktar, Myf, B-Lyn and of course... Big Shot [chorus] We here...
Tracks get ripped like an arm from a socket Dripping blood lyric grip that's ergonomic IED bomb hit, too strong Lick wounds in tune with the moon and a comet You could say I'm on it, or even better Commend me like Skyzoo the BK repper Check with Mr. Khakolak and once you know the fact You can never go back, like when you go black Proving that I'm deadly like the five venoms You could pretty much guess just where I'll send them Quote my flows, know that I meant them Try to slow me down, I gain momentum Like a Pentium dual quad core Think they got power? I could give you a lot more Drop raw, what you hustle on the block for Rock y'all like a broad's knees getting lock jaw [chorus] I want to rock y'all Harder than a foul when you're mauled in street ball Hip Hop has evolved Let me take it back to how it was before it fell off I was you to call Out my name cuz my aim is to get you involved Then I'll you my all Man I swear I will dog, just check the dialogue! Heat type plasma, time to incinerate Appetite for destruction, scrape your dinner plate This ain't thinner weight up and down the interstate I need a bigger plate, come on dog get it straight Peasly eighths, that ain't weight dun I speak in multiples of the mass of the sun He who's won relies not on poison To get this done, don't need a gun to moisten Voice and thoughts, a superior ability To wet up chest cavities and shake your stability Killer MC, you've found the epitome Could be on your death bed and still ain't as ill as me Just take a pill and see matrix ain't the remedy The deepest you could get's the surface of this entity I'm the furthest thing from your enemy You've been praying for some fresh air, well what he sent was me Ahhh! I know it's refreshing so breathe it Inhale, exhale deep cuz you need it Feed this hunger that's ready for a feast To silence the rumble in the belly of the beast [chorus] Theories of conspiracy, so clear to see Misery reaped by man throughout history Listerine would even have its work cut out To burn these germs we've learned how to shut out Must doubt all of what we fear and half of what we see Cuz half of what we think we saw ain't what it seems to be Easily we can turn the other cheek and pretend That this never even happened, but it did so again We're stuck between right and wrong Like the choices I have when I'm writing these songs Sure I could fill your ears with some hype in a bong Perched in front of my PC typing along But I can't sell you what I don't do Be obliged to do the same, please won't you? If not, the heed the wrath of my lyric Cuz everytime I breathe on a mic, you gonna feel it [chorus]
As I stand in front of this microphone set inside of this booth I wonder if I should be bringing the truth Or if I should just conform to the ways of most cats these days And spit about my 9 milli's that spray Knowing I ain't the type of brother to end the life of another Over flat-out stupid shit like icy chains and whips But still this cat is dipped and living better than me Even though I spit it better than he Collectively, I don't associate with cats that spit raps about ice Or use the pen to create thug life I stick with dudes that's real in every sense of the word and the feel In more fields than just the one that you die living their lives The game's not a compromise, we all spit about us MC's are what you rap and I don't spit about bucks I just spit for the only one that signs the checks That's Mr. S.K. from VA, about time that I rep Create a buzz and get love and respect All off the fact that I can spit about more than drugs, money, and sex And if you all can do the same, then you remain with more time in the game Instead of five minutes of fame when you left Now you can call me what you want: hater, clown, underground It doesn't matter cuz I'm bringing that sound And you have to pay attention when I mention your name Or else your thug friends will call you a lame that backed down Let me guess, I'm wack now for bringing the truth If I'd known it'd be hurtful to you, I'd still spit it And for you cats that like to tangle words, don't get it twisted I'm still with it and wicked like the Witch of the West Difference is I don't have a Tech, I don't carry a 9 My only weapon is my pen with the rhymes Mightier than swords, and before any of you herbs say a word Observe how I brought the light to your eyes Then go ahead with your rhyme about how you'll bring my demise Through the barrel of a gun with no thought Just a steady stream of curse words that's put to a beat that's hot And you think that you've achieved in this game? I think not! You better reevaluate the way you're repping yourself Or think about if you even are, or repping for wealth Cuz if when you step back and start to see the startling truth Part of you might question your thought in the booth, and that's real.
It's like when I wake up in the morning, I got some stuff on my mind, you know? Before I even get out the bed...I figured I'd take this opportunity to share that with you, you know? Good morning... I was cool with everybody, now I diss dudes I noticed cats is fake and I don't get dudes They hating on these other brothas cuz they live smooth Jealous and mad yeah, that's what you call a bitch move I figured I could write some rhymes and maybe figure out What side these dudes is on and what these niggas bout Cause there's the quiet type that creep up on 'em, knock 'em out And there's the loud type that won't scrap just run their mouth And there's these rappers dissing rappers cuz they're getting dough And they be on their grind, you chilling at home living broke See, I'm the money over women cuz it rules the world And you the type of dude to blame your failures on your girl Are you an underground king cuz you're getting love Or a rapper that won't never make it with an ill buzz? I'm the type to ride fly and roll on them dubs And you the type to ride high and roll up a dub You MC's ain't got no sense of music Most of y'all are jokes with no sense of humor Some should've been the next Jordan or Ewing But the grades messed you up, you resorting to this music Y'all need to stop it Cuz some of y'all be on the block with the 5th cocked, some of y'all be cock blocking I grind every hour of the day Get pussy, get money, take a shit, shower, shave Some rappers dead and gone should still be alive Some alive writing songs, I kinda wish they had died Spit the truth in the booth, you living a lie And ain't none of y'all fucking with I, bottom line! On the road to success, weak spitters get passed They talk a lot of shit, of course, niggas is ass So twisted I laugh If they're saying rapping ain't about making this money, then they broke or living in cash Cuz niggas is trash The booth's on fire when I'm in it like the mic was a light, I'm spittin the gas That's flames, I move behind the scenes Bring the cams around me I'ma bounce like Jigga did Dash I'm real, when I die remember me for my words I really do what I say, remember me for my verbs You ever talking about these MC's, that's my word Make sure you separate me from the herbs And one hit wonders, I'm gaining my respect 25 years long and I ain't claiming no regrets Cuz everything happens for a reason I'ma talk just how I'm feeling, til there's gunshots raining on my chest With a body full of lead I'll be another rapper dead for popping off at the mouth for shit I shouldn't have said Or shit I shouldn't have thought At the end of the day I'm only speaking my thoughts coming out of my head And some niggas' head's bigger than they buzz When they going where they going they forget where they was If you ain't jump up on the track, that's cool, that's what's up But fuck you for not showing us love A lotta rappers ain't feeling me But yet they study my music and every move for creativity A lotta rappers ain't feeling me But yet they study my music and every move for creativity All y'all punks And most of these niggas wanna see me get smoked, I'm a little too blunt Roll up on me if you want And you'll hear more than this drum kick thump Niggas mad weak, I'm makin sure that niggas can't sleep On my grind so at the same time, niggas can't eat Even worse I'm a real dude that niggas can't beat I'm nice over the beat, the same dancing in the street Lucky me, you hate me cuz I'm what you want to be And me falling to the floor is something you would want to see What it be, if I lose it wasn't me All these thoughts running through my head and I ain't even brush my teeth... First thought when I rise is niggas that I despise Since I know how to rhyme they got a problem with I I go to bed and wake up nice So take a shot at me or Feature, your career will be the price
Get Yours 03:59
My life, it’s like I’m losing years off it You see my main concern is earning a profit I’m yearning to rock with the finer things Nicer bling fingers numb from diamond rings These the kinda things that keep me day dreaming About the number one spot number I’ll one day be in Look at what I’ve become I once was a bum Now I summon my funds thumbing through ones Under 80 degree sun picking shrimp out my gums The exotic aroma rushes my lungs I’ve only begun Hold up, I’m a slow it down like Bobby V and put a monopoly On the entire economy, so why talk? I rather be about it I don’t see things your way I see around it Staying grounded like the misbehaved Fresh like ya calendar I never miss a day Outlook on life so bright I kinda miss the shade [chorus] Get yours cuz I’m a go and get mine Why ya hand out homey? I ain’t throwing a dime Get yours I ain’t sharing at all You can tell from the swell it’s apparent I ball Get yours leave that shit to the birds You hood? I’m good playa straight out the burbs Get yours the shit is only making you week What you make in a week I make in my sleep The blues you never see me sing While ya’ll records is sounding like BB King You can see me bling down avenue 5 or Malibu drive in an infallible ride can’t handle The natural vibe of my talent and drive I’m fresh Casual fly the flow? Flammable high so why Challenge this guy? With amateur strides You’ll end up damaged no pride how you gone Manage to hide? You can barely manage ya life Going on and on like you doing the damn thing Still in ya moms crib not doing a damn thing So get up off me questions exhaust me Bout what it cost me even if you knew Could you afford it? Hardly, I know what you Got now you thought of as wealth but you Better off keeping that thought on the shelf Damn my dude when ya parents planned you...shit They should a kept that thought to they self [chorus] Nah I never heard you rhyme homes By the time ya mic’s on I’m in a whole other time zone My minds gone eyes on the horizon of a Caribbean coast that you’ll never book a flight on Ride on in ya rhinestones the blind tones Within my diamonds a shut ya eyes sewn Leave ya mind blown as I vibe on even Getting fresh in the no fly zone where ever I roam Dimes moan in love with my light tone no love for Bitches jump offs slide on you dying to ride chrome I’m tryin to buy homes you lying to dimes sighing That you got signed on look how much I’ve grown Over the island I’m known don’t admire my stones Ain’t nothing to keep ya mind on you could lease The piece or at least try loans but everything that I own I got on my own [chorus]
Your World 03:46
I'm about as cool as mid-April weather is I'm on my new, I big-faced my cheddar grip Meaning I deal with 50 straights and upper And anything under, I treat like the Last Supper I dish 'em out, the same dude who drives bitches wild Don't get it screwed, I move with career criminals Cocky confidence, wonderful wordplay Arrogant approach, and a superb swerve game Still in the streets like yellow lines, phenom with it And your flow's a never mind, like never mine I'm from the city that get that, whip that Chip that, pitch that, and let the rest piggyback I'm on some "gimme that," models wanna come thru One-two, handle the dude, "here let me finish that" I can't call it though, I just do's me Stuntin' with a cool lean, you know I'm on it yo [chorus] Whip leaning, getting that green and You know I'm on it, I'm, I'm, I'm on it You know I'm on it, I'm, I'm, I'm on it You know I'm on it, I'm, I'm, I'm on it Wrist gleaming, kicks Japanese and You know I'm on it, I'm, I'm, I'm on it You know I'm on it, I'm, I'm, I'm on it You know I'm on it, I'm, I'm, I'm on it The second verse is similar to the first And both are similar to nothing you ever heard The stroll is similar to nothing you've ever seen Which means I'm something you just can never be ie. for the paper, I give 'em that straight up Uncut, bubble-up flows, get your weight up Uncut, bubble-up dough, get your cake up Fucking with the oven, ain't no telling what I bake up And the shoes is Bapes, with a pair of let lags Hanging over the tongue, who roll like son? Nada! Couple broads and butterflies and True Religions And if they look like the model type, the dude is with 'em I stroll through, a lil' something on the waist And some ducats, if it's less than 100 I call it change I can't call it though, I just do's me Stuntin' with a cool lean, you know I'm on it yo [chorus] You know I'm on that shit y'all need though Shine hard when I make that green grow You know my name right, you know my name right You know my name right, you know my name right You know I'm on that shit y'all need though Shine hard when I make that green grow You know my name right, you know my name right You know my name right, you know my name right [chorus]
Memories 04:14
It's the second week of June, it's hot as hell outside It's not hot but it's really hell outside, let me explain See my views of hell are not a bunch of human shish kebobs It's an old lady walking with her purse and niggas rob her Run around the corner, take out everything she owns that's worth something She can't stop them, she can barely move her bones People across the street that witness what they did Ain't saying nothing but look at me and say, "This is how it is" Cuz this is where we live, we're used to seeing crack fiends, Gangs wars, and people die with no insurance for the vaccines I don't understand what's going on today I swear that hell's taking over in the strongest way We all need to pay attention now, we all should pray I kinda feel like it's a sin to live longer days See, everything's always the same under the sun But I don't think this summer's gonna be that fun [chorus] It's a cruel, cruel summer (summertime in the city) Leaving me here on my own (summertime) It's a cruel, cruel summer (it's summertime in my city) Now you're gone, you're not the only one (summertime) There's people dying cuz they carry AIDS, dying at an early age The book of life is very scary, I'm scared to turn the page To see what I'm supposed to see and say what I have to say Put your hands together but don't clap y'all, we have to pray I don't even think I had a chance to smile or laugh today Just thinking of this world and how my friend Unishun passed away It's fucked up, and and another thing that's really killing me Is all of these niggas and their jealousy If you're a man and your girl cheats, see that don't make you less of a man Damn, that's just how girls are gonna be Girls cheat like we, B, everybody fucks, man Look at some of them girls you fucked, it's just a nut, man What man can't understand why his lady would lust, man? I've been hurt to teach you how not to give a fuck, man But if you're really stuck, then you can never give up, man Give shorty a diamond ring or find you a summer love, man [chorus] Now most of us know how being a victim of the streets can be Those that don't know seem to get manipulated easily Lured into the gangs, the violence, the drugs, The peer pressure can really fuck you up (excuse my French) But there's niggas out here acting like they don't give a fuck Until one of them innocent kids get hit up Or stuck on dope or drugs like coke Or end up being shot by one of them guns that smoke And all these young niggas wanna be G's and gangsta rappers Cuz the money rules the world and pussy comes faster These ladies become sluts by giving niggas nuts To be with the popular cat in school, and that's all that he wants So he can brag about his whips And brag about the chicks he hits raw dog, but won't admit when he's getting sick And it's sick but it's coming The season after spring, I call it hell, but everyone else seems to call it summer [chorus]
Prodigal Son 03:59
Grey Skies 03:50
This is the track for those that didn't believe in him Those that bailed out during times when we really needed them Those that crossed me, thinking that I was on the team with them I hope they see my success now and I hope it eats at them And those that laughed every time that we were greeting them Saying we would make it when they really didn't see it in him I rep my city to death, I'm never leaving them If you ain't like me then, it's fuck you now, it's that easy man It's for my brother, when he thought his girl would cheat on him Cried, but for the sake of the kids, he would try to be with her Another everyday, he'd try to balance time with me and her Puttin' up with her bullshit, I'm here if you need me bro It's been a long and bumpy road, I tie my sneakers up Walk with me if you want, and turn your speakers up Now roll your windows down and put your middle fingers up And scream "Fuck the world" and whoever disagrees with us In high school, this rap shit was just a dream to us Now we hit the studio, it's a reality to us To all you local MC's, think you seeing us? I will eat you alive alone, and I'll beat you up Taking shots at Feature on the low, I see what's up Take a shot at me on a track nigga, and see what's up Shouts to Urbanizm, M-Nasty, what up I got this booth on fire and I barely heated up See, everybody in the world says they're feeling us I see success around the corner so I speed it up My mama used to tell me, "Boy, you don't need to rush" I was 16, I turned around, and now was 21 I give thanks to my grandma for trying to keep me up And thanks to my girl for once trying to teach a nigga trust And J-Pound, I love you my nigga, keep in touch And Noyd, thanks for looking out when I need it, cuz Tianna, I love you to death, I don't see you much If I could change that then I would, please believe it, yup! Cause every time I think of you, I feel I need to jump I could touch the sky with you in mind, Crazy T what up Now look at me, I'm stuck Wondering why Mrs. Cora can't be with us, she's resting in peace above And now I miss her to death, she would speak with love I think of her and Uncle Billy, and I need a hug I never met a girl as real as Janeika nor Alicia But I ain't really had the time to try and speak to them In my life, I messed a whole lot of people up Came between best friends, that's just what creepin' does I broke a lot of hearts, that's what a secret does Things we do for love, I can't explain what kind of creep I was But maybe it wasn't me, they just needed love But damn, who was there for me when I needed love? Who was there with two arms when I needed hugs? I'm on my grind every day, I still need a buzz I'm fucking up, my head hurts, I think I need a drug I can't breathe, I nearly messed my breathing up Your boy got a million songs for the people But they're in my notebook, cause studio time ain't free for us It's a N00 Day, so hopefully we'll see what's up And fuck those who ain't believe in us! My God...
We be them Peekskill Red Devils and you know we're on top Look at this team inside that paint, look at how they shoot them out side shots Now watch them guards they give and go, and in the paint they pick in roll Everybody in the crowd's screaming out 'Go!' and our defense got full control The home of Hilton Armstrong, T. Scott and Elton Brand "Let's go Devils" If we can't do this, no one can Motivated by standing fans, Panzanero thanks again For guiding us 'cause we are the we we we are the champions! We are the champions Let's get it y'all! (repeatedly) We are the champions Bring them boys out! (repeatedly) Out side shots, we got that, inside the paint, we got that Defense during 4th quarter pressure, people we got that Shot blocking defenders and crossing any contenders Pretenders that go against us will never win against winners Just give some minutes with the ball, we're taking the game Fast break or fall back, shot, making it rain When home or away, we dominate the game that's how we do PHS, coming to a court near you! We are the champions! Let's get it y'all! (repeatedly) We are the champions Bring them boys out! (repeatedly)


The first collaborative album by the hip hop artists of Urbanizm Music, The New Movement in Urban Music.


released December 22, 2009

Mastered by Khakolak Boy (

All music produced by Anno Domini Beats ( except:
-The Message; music by Diggi Dis (
-First Thought; music by Giz (
-I'm On It (DCT Remix) & Summertime in My City; music by DCT (

Cover artwork designed by JP Vazquez.


all rights reserved



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With a vision to give the urban music community a sound that provided music lovers with an elevated awareness of the beauty of true instrumentation, and expose them to lyrical content they wouldn't find on today's radio, Urbanizm Music was founded. At Urbanizm, the music is more important than the industry. We don't have beat makers and rappers, we house true, spirited instrumentalists and MCs. ... more

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