It's a Noo Day

by Noodle the Innocent Child

[verse 1] It's a new day, new rapper, new star New talent, new real MC with new bars New Biggie, new Ra, Pac, Jigga, new Nas Nigga, Noodle's nicer than dudes claiming to be from Mars New jewels, new suits, new chicks, new cars I thought all you niggas knew that this dude is just too hard New game, new image, new boss, new squad I am on a new level, from you I am too far New grind, new shine, new beef, new 9 New street, new lines, if you beef, then you're dying No sleep, no time, new slang, new walk You talk, pop pop, bang bang, it's New York New struggle, new hustle, new bread, new butter New hood, new projects, new ghetto, new gutter New paper, new style, new life, new way New MC taking over this game, it's a new day! [chorus] It's a new day... It's a new day... It's a new day... It's a new day... [outro] They say it's time for a change and a change is here. New way of life, new style of music. New leaders of hip hop, new leaders of the world! I am here and I refuse to rest. The dark was present, but the sun has now risen so follow me! Stand for something or fall for anything. United we stand, divided we fall. To fall is to fail, and failure is not an option! Hip hop believes in me like I believe in me! The MC who disagrees or challenges me will no longer be an MC! I do it for the people like Barack, so watch and see hip hop's prophet rise like sunshine, through rhymes. 16's is mean with a message and a meaning, which means you MCs with no meaning, mean nothing. This album is a definition of progress, and my way to say keep your head up. It's a New Day...
[verse 1] See, I'm alive at a beautiful time I figured I could take some time to write a beautiful rhyme Celebrating like my birthday, from Monday to Thursday Friday to Sunday, wilding out in the worst way Hey! Plus I got my whole crew here Celebrating life, we've done made it through the new year Bottles in the air, sipping on champagne Driving by slow, not shooting a damn thing And ladies looking with the happiest smiles He started from the bottom, look at him now, he done came up So give it up for the Innocent Child It took me a while but look at my style, I ain't change up Still the same dude chilling with the same friends Only thing that's changing is the size on the rims I'm laughing cause they tight I'm still grabbing the mic so tonight, word to me, we gonna celebrate life [chorus] Celebration It's time to celebrate, it's time to celebrate Cause the sun's shining right on me, it's a beautiful day Got my head up to the sky Feels like I can fly And I'm enjoying life And we're gonna celebrate, celebrate life! [verse 2] Now it's so much drama in the NYC It's kind of hard being N-to the double-O-D But I somehow, some way Keep coming up with ill new hits for y'all every single day See, all the BS in life, I ignore it Today's the day to take a look at life and enjoy it Brand new wheels, like yeah I can afford it Brand new swag in the kid, move forward Chilling, the hustlers can even take a break We in the back with a grill full of steak Even taking a day off from work And all the little boys Super Soakin' all the pretty little girls in white shirts So everybody over here in the real hood All the way to Hollywood tell them, don't it feel good? Yeah, and that's alright Stand up with your hands up, we gon' celebrate life! [chorus] [verse 3] Now similar to you, I had to struggle, oh yeah Mama used to tell me, "Boy you gon' make it, go head" I even thought that I should hustle just to get some more bread But I ain't want to be another brother on the floor dead So baby I wisened up, and I put my mind on my money I am nice with the rhyme, so in time they gon' love me Once I get a couple ears, I'll earn a couple hearts Another brother from the block rising straight up to the top All the haters, they can hate him but they never gonna stop Cause today is my day, so them haters become blocked Yeah, summertime in the city On the West Side Highway bumping a little Biggie Or some cash rules everything around me Cream get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all Me and my godson Beans, living life like a dream While the whole world screams when they see me on the scene, this is life! [chorus]
[verse 1] Woke up this morning with the sun shining bright as can be I swear that someone shined that light on me They said I'd never make a change, I said please give me that M-I-C And I'll make sure that y'all see what I see From the bottomless pit to the top of the crop, poverty speaks From the wars overseas to the war in our streets We got brothers killing brothers over colors with heat And single mothers raising young'ns cause their fathers are creeps It's time for change, I mean your whole lifestyle, man I used to love rain til the day Katrina had came I used to love flying high then I witnessed them planes Hitting them buildings, never thought that I'd see so much pain People work their nine-to-fives and they live like slaves And minimum wage is nothing once the gas price raised It's time for better days, somehow some way That was all yesterday, cause today is a new day [chorus] A new day, ahhh A new day, ahhh A new day, ahhh A new day, ahhh [verse 2] I woke up this morning with the sun shining bright as can be I felt like someone shined that light on me They said it's time to make a change, you can speak and touch the people you meet And you ain't gotta preach, brother, just teach Like a professor I will, can't change the world but I can change some Till we unite and become equal as one Black, white, Spanish, Asian we are all humans under the sun So spread love, y'all, and hate no one I am a man of honor, against hate, and believing in faith And I believe that we can make this world a better place If we came together, come together, y'all want to see us better? We gotta do it now or never No man alone can change the world but he can help it And you too can be apart of this, no one is helpless Let's do it for better days, somehow some way We're making up for yesterday with today, a new day [chorus] [verse 3] Another 24 and the sun's shining bright as can be I swear that sun's shining right on me Rainy days are gone, and my people been oppressed for so long Now you've got a leader here to be strong Word is bond, through this music I am here to help those who'll listen When you're down and out, I'll uplift them Within a minute, I try, now it's time for you to open our eyes To the secrets of this life baby, rise, rise, rise! No more tears, either, no more fears We've been struggling in life for way too many years We've been hustling at night for way too many years Fighting wars for many years, change is near So walk with me, raise your hands, ball your fists I hope you all can understand the plan, this is it To live in better days, somehow, some way Today is a new day [chorus]
Stroll On 04:16
[verse 1] They try to say I've changed, I used to run like fifty deep But now I do my own thing son, I don't even speak My peeps, they still cool and give me dap when we meet I'm still riding if I see them scrapping in the street Other than that, there really ain't no need to contact them I'm a solo soldier, this is beyond rapping Y'all asking why now I choose to move like that? Cause I've seen how brothers do, I've got to move like that Things change, people grow apart and some stay together Some really trying to find the meaning of forever And others realize that forever's never ever Those the ones that seem to do better It's a cold, cold, world; I've learned that now Respect is what I demand, I've earned that now I just keep my head high and both fists balled Watch, observe, and I learn; til a brother fall off, stroll on [chorus] Stroll on, stroll on Even though it's cold outside, you know it's either ride or die Stroll on, stroll on, Even when it hurts inside, sometimes you've got to swallow your pride Stroll on [verse 2] And fame is something dudes would give their friendships for Which didn't make sense, but now I understand cause this is raw Realest dudes in the world can be cool and get along with everyone When it's business, watch how you get involved You can't trust everyone Cause they'll encourage you to run and shoot so they can shoot you in the back while you run Just be your own man, don't look for helping hands To get by, you need your fam, and two feet to stand There's some friends back then that I would probably call my mans Come up to me now, I wouldn't give a chance I used to look out for these dudes, now I wouldn't even glance And honestly it hurts but that's the circumstance Like a war I didn't want but there's a certain stance You have to pose, imagine fighting in a ring with nervous hands And forced to hit a man That you don't want to hit, but that man will uppercut you the second he gets the chance Stroll on [chorus] [verse 3] It's a new day, some say I'm on some other shit Some "F the world and those against me and my brother" shit Cats I went to school with, I ain't really running with Chicks I used to dream of touching, now I'll tell them suck a dick I've realized these haters want to see my life stopped Friends will cross me more than the laces on my high tops Leave me with a double-knot somewhere in a parking lot Ruthless dudes, they wouldn't care if it was dark or not I avoid beef, but I don't run from it If it pops up I'm down to pop off, trust me, I've done it And all these dudes talking nonsense don't really want it They all fake and well-known for fronting This is way more than just a song If I don't give you dap, you ain't my man, bottom line, but we can still get along If you think that there's a problem or you feel that something's wrong All you gotta do is holla, until then, I'll stroll on [chorus]
Stay True 02:57
[verse 1] True to my fam like the mob made him You'll catch me in Las Vegas, scraping the sky, flying over skyscrapers I used to starve as a young'n, I was a plate-scraper Now I can't finish the plate, look how this hunger made him They say, "This hunger made him change and made him somewhat famous" Until I toss them a little change, these motherfucking fakers "Hi haters" like Maino when I be switching lanes Niggas sayin I can't walk through my hood again, huh? I see the jealousy, envious envy, enemies want to be close Close friends, they want to be enemies, so I don't trust a soul, not even myself Cause even I be slipping when it's cars, pussy, or wealth, ya know? I'm not perfect, but damn it, no man's worthless Pussy and paper's all I chase, the pussy ain't worth it, I swear And others hustle on the block, it's like a jungle Be ready to rumble at any given time, stay humble, ya hear? Niggas done got hurt and buck-fiftied, a few niggas fucked with me I'm known to react off of my gut instinct I still try, and I strive to stay alive To the day a nigga die, true to my game, please just let me ride [chorus] Ride Just let me ride From the West Side Highway to 9A, please just let me ride [verse 2] I'm your hustler's hustler, I'm a great one A hater's favorite person to hate on, so hate on And if you smoking, then blaze one If not, fill that glass to the top, sip til you get your daze on I've worked as hard as a slave since I've been living I believe I deserve everything that I've been given From respect to my family, shoes to my linen Forgiveness for sinning, I've made mistakes, I'll admit it Fresh like ice cold, they love me like white gold I know I'll be leaving one day, hope I don't die slow Living life in the fast lane, flashy lights, wearing mad chains Loving hip hop, fuck rappers in this rap game To deal with mad pain, I talk to the tunes You walk in my shoes, it's worse than pouring salt in your wounds, it burns And I swear I'm just trying to stay alive Looking up to the sky, staying true to my fam, please let me ride [verse 3 - POET] Your friends? You got to be careful how you choose them. When you're up they're around, real easy to be found; but when you're down, it's real easy to lose them. When I'm doing good, everyone's around, you see? But when I'm down, ain't no one around but me. Everyone wanna add their two cents about something. As far as I'm concerned, it don't amount to nothing. And I have no time to mend broken hearts, or weak friendships that fell apart. And you'll never know where you're going if you don't know where you started. You'll forget where you're headed. Cause in life, there's so many directions. So many paths cause talents, you have, And they want you to have not. So they stand in front and try to confuse you. Cause you're a winner, and they don't want to lose you. But never lose your way, never go astray, cause lost souls get so false hope. And become the shepherd's forgotten sheep. And once you pay the price, you can never get a refund. Never live life on a rerun, live everyday new. And above all, stay true!
[chorus] Young, gifted, and black Young, gifted, and black Young, gifted, and black Young, gifted, and black [verse 1 - Noodle] Give me your ears while I'm speaking, see I was born in the African descent Mama raised a son to grown up and be decent All odds against the evens, closest friends are enemies, they're creeping So lately during the evenings, I've encountered lack of sleeping Peep it, seeing me deceased, to some, would be appeasing Cause I'm young, black, and successful, damn that's the only reason But nah I'm never leaving, this industry really needs him And the kids of our future need someone like me to lead them Lead them on, if I can reach them more than I could teach them How to stand up against their enemies, and even beat them We need more than just materialistic lyrical lyrics We need someone with the spirit, so real that you can feel it And you'll like it, maybe love it, then you'll buy it, maybe dub it Pass it on to all your cousins so they can learn from it Then we all can learn something, add knowledge while you're spitting Cause they'll hate the fact that we're all young, black, and gifted [chorus - Christa Victoria] Don't you know we're (young, gifted, and black) You gotta know what it means to be (young, gifted, and black) Can't you feel it? (young, gifted, and black) Oh my baby, be proud to be (young, gifted, and black) [verse 2 - Feature] Your animosity’s probably a cause of plots and impromptu’s Properly propped provocatively Demolishing deferred dreams through their hostility Media-savvy, yet they’re still using demonizing imagery What was instilled in me was a mental ability, integrity Steel rod that helped me indefinitely Parody in critics' paragraphs apparently only encourage me Eagerly ball, make MVP be V.P. of companies Impossibilities isn't involved in how I think Born in the belly of a halo queen Sworn to slay swarms of four-horned beasts Young, colorful, and darker than any screenwriter’s ink I'm dominating nominated kings Hospitality kindly invites adversity to eat Offerings of nourishments at my feast Peace! Ghandi, we call all learn from it We endure the drama but rise above it [chorus - Christa Victoria] See what it means to be (young, gifted, and black) Stand up and be (young, gifted, and black) Go on and be (young, gifted, and black) You gotta be proud to be (young, gifted, and black)
[verse 1] You see your boy done came up now, I gotta whole lot of flow Look at the boy pockets, got a whole lot of dough In the back of the club with a whole lot of hoes Sweatin me cause they, cause they, know I'ma blow You're the headline, I got the showstopper show That make the fellas all want to go rock and roll You ain't seen nothing like it, no, not before None of these MCs will ever go where I go To move something, you on the dance floor, go on girl Lose something, all the players get Petron and the Goose on 'em And you could do whatever you want, we having a good time Everybody come on now, groove something We on the dance floor baby High as a plane, Long Island got me faded Half bent now, I'm moving like I'm lazy Shorty like, "You so crazy" [chorus] Baby you want to, baby you need to Enjoy the music, the rythm will please you Baby I love it, that good old sound Allow the rythm and the bass to make you get on down Baby I want it, now turn it up We got the dance floor burning up [verse 2] Like this, like thizzat, never come off wizzack If they talk smizzack, take 'em off of the mizzap Rock-n-roll or rizzap, country or blues It doesn't matter the genre, long as the song's crizzack Bizzack on up, turn the trizzack on up You can hear the bass bump in the bazzack of the truck Now thizzat is love Music is strong, it brings us all together just to have a little fun Make you move something, you on the dance floor, go on girl Lose something, all of my players get Petron and the Goose on 'em We having a good time and doing whatever we wanna do now Come on y'all, groove something We on the dance floor baby High as a plane, Hennessy got me faded Half bent, I don't I'm going make it That drink got a brother feeling crazy [chorus] [bridge] Gotta keep dancing, cause you're makin me high, You gotta keep keep making me high (dancing, dancing!) Gotta keep dancing, cause you're makin me high, You gotta keep keep making me high (dancing, dancing!) Gotta keep dancing, cause you're makin me high, You gotta keep keep making me high (dancing, dancing!) Gotta keep dancing, cause you're makin me high, You gotta keep keep making me high (dancing, dancing!) [verse 3] Now move something, you on the dance floor, go on girl Lose something, all the players get Petron and the Goose on 'em And you could do whatever you want, we having a good time Everybody come on now, groove something We on the dance floor baby High as a plane, Long Island got me faded Half bent now, I'm moving like I'm lazy Shorty like, "You so crazy" [chorus]
Ride Wit Me 04:36
[verse 1] N-double-O-D's on the scene With a brand new flow and a brand new scheme Brand new dough, and some brand new jeans They hate my flow cause I shatter their dreams He's just that real And they know that MC's just that skilled Representing that 914, Peekskill Til the day a hater nigga make me sign my Will You, please get off my nuts I do my thing and I do it like what Can't nobody out there do it like us My tunes will give you the adrenaline rush To the back of the club where the ballers hold their bottles high And everybody in the back of the club's either tore down, drunk, or high Look shorty, just forget your man Cause I can make you cum before you unzip your pants When I gets it in and I put them inches in I'll leave you feeling good but way too sick to stand But this is the plan with you and me, shorty listen up See me in the street shorty, you can say what up But when you're with your man, don't even look my way or wave cause your man's gonna know for a fact you gave it up Plus look, I don't need no nigga sick, upset, hurt, mad at me Wanna pull that 4-5 rachet at me because his main squeeze wasn't at home happy But I'm past that shorty, cause if you want to roll, you're mine tonight All I need to know is if you're really, really, really down to ride [chorus] If you really wanna roll with a player like me, shorty you can take a ride with me If you really wanna know how to spend a little dough, you can hop up in the ride with me I got niggas over here, couple niggas over there, only real niggas ride with me Getting money and we grind all day, let it stack I'ma, I'ma, I'ma die filthy If you really wanna roll with a player like me, shorty you can take a ride with me If you really wanna know how to spend a little dough, you can hop up in the ride with me I got niggas over here, couple niggas over there, only real niggas ride with me Getting money and we grind all day, let it stack I'ma, I'ma, I'ma die filthy [verse 2] Let me bring it back one more time Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind Got a fly little honey and she want it all the time But I can't give it to her cause I'm always on the grind Grind, and I don't waste no time Nigga, time don't waste, hater give me my space No friend request here, get out of my face Just give me a little bit of the Henny with no chase Or Long Island, wilding, Shorty looking at me eyeing and I am Trying to get that backseat popping, no stopping Word's bond, I'm a king like lions Mr. Mufasa, Noodle, not pasta You talk that ra-ra, them things go baracka Feature I gotcha, LaRue nigga "uh-huh" Let's get this money my niggas, holla Cause these shorties on the paper chase They're trying to bag up any player with the paper, wait I tell them fall back, cause I ain't one to make mistakes I bake the cake, if I make the cake, then I take the cake Share none, fear none, I hear none screaming Hate when you're shining, well look, I'm gleaming Hate when you're riding, well look, I'm leaning Looking so nice in a whip so mean and... I'm dirty as I wanna be, filthy rich yet your boy so clean and I bag up your shorty, she call me, we party, you're hating on me, but nigga what's the meaning Nigga what's the reason, cause if you gonna stop me then go ahead, try But at the end of the night, don't matter, your shorty, she still gonna ride [chorus] [verse 3] A lot of haters want to see me defeated, a lot of ladies want a nigga to eat it I tell them fall back and they say, "That nigga Noodle, he is conceieted" But no I'm not baby, I am a leader, also the don! When it comes to this money I need it, I got a couple shorties, never do keep them I gas them, smash them, pass them to my peoples, and my peoples, they beat it And look at me baby, I'm still number one! With no remorse, you know the cost HNIC or I know the boss In NYC looking out the loft These dudes hate me and want to see me fall off But I ain't gonna fall, cause shorty, I'ma grind until I die And I'ma do my thing, so shorty if you really wanna roll, let's ride [chorus]
Hold U Down 03:14
[verse 1] I've done witnessed it all, see, I'm a boss player I'm known to handle my B.I., we can talk later But if you're really trying to roll with a boss like Rick Ross You earn your spot and you'll get to floss later I need to know you're on the side with me You'll ride with me and you won't ever lie to me If I get caught up in a jam, you better ride for me And there ain't nothing you should hide from me, no secrets A new version of Clyde and Bonnie, you ride beside me We get guap, time is money Anything you ask for, we got to find it, honey The Louis Vuitton purses and them diamonds shining sunny I can get it cause I roll with the flyest On top of my game, I'm higher than the highest Noodle is a king, they call him Mr. Your Highness All I need now is a bad chick to ride with, what [chorus] That's my baby, and without him I'll go crazy I'm his lady, and we gonna fly That's my word I'm by his side, boy I can't lie It's plain to see, there's no you, boy, without me I'm in too deep, I love you so I got to let everyone else know, I'ma hold you down! [verse 2] Hold me down, you gotta be there when I need you Getaway driver, you're the one I throw the keys to Money in the safe, you're the one I throw the key to It's not me against the world now, girl it's me and you. We a team, ain't no holding us back You ever need me girl, you know where I'm at And let another nigga ever get out of line, you know I'ma clap For you, cause that's the only way to react, you're my baby Til we die, no one's hotter than us It's me and you baby riding because You can depend on me, vice versa, to lie to the judge Or hold that, girl it's gotta be love, you're my baby! The way you sing to a brother I don't think you understand how much you mean to a brother It sure feels good, you on a team with a brother Stay loyal and I'll cop that ring and you'll never need another [chorus] [bridge] I'ma hold you down cause you're there for me And I'm there for you, and you're the man of my fantasy Why wouldn't we be happy together Forever, it's whatever I'ma be your lady, have your babies You're my heart, my soul, my rock, my all [chorus]
[verse 1] See, this time I’m looking fly It’s my time to shine and baby, I’m that guy On the west side with niggas ready to ride Keep the 4-5 in their ride whenever they riding Feeling good cause we ain’t got to use the Llama Having good times, living life with no drama Sipping on some green tea I got in Arizona Representing NYC in California Yeah, it’s such a beautiful day I’m making money and my president's black, what more can I say? I’m about to put a thousand on the Lakers out in Vegas Shit, I’m even getting love from the haters I’m about to try and win the lotto Feels good being me, middle finger up to 5-0 And everybody in the streets know how I roll Real recognize real, I’m home wherever I go [chorus] You can find me on the west riding low Looking fly in a mean '64 (get your hands up!) Or you’ll catch me on the east with some dealers Slash killers, paper chasing for the dough (get your hands up!) Or down south with a big booty shorty Fly face with a sucker in her mouth (now get your hands up!) Or midwest, where the bad meets the evil All my people show me love when I come out (get your hands up!) [bridge] Now all my west coast niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind) And all my east coast niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind) And all my midwest niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind) And all my down south niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind) [verse 2] Ha, I’m nationally known It doesn’t matter the area code, I’m at home Homies in Kentucky, got shorties in Mississippi They’re texting me how they’re missing me, baby, I gets busy It’s N-double-O-Dizzy on now Got dudes pushing snow like they're working for the plow Got dudes holding heat, all you’ll hear is boom bow It’s a cold, cold world out there but we ain’t wilding out We chilling in Illinois, hitting Chi-Town, baby Flying through the city like it’s my town, baby Ill new system bumping Kidz in the Hall Like I’ve done been through it all, money I want more Get your hands up high like you’re under arrest You under the stress, come ride, you can run with the best North, south, to the east then we run to the west Throwing them W’s up, showing much respect, I’m that guy [chorus]
My City 04:31
[verse 1] Ride, ride, ride with me, y'all Take a little trip with me through 914 Welcome to my home, welcome to my town Welcome to the city that taught me to get down The home of E. Brand, the home of me, man Hilton Armstrong, we did it cause we can Chilling at the movie theatres on the weekend Cortlandt Town Center trying to find a Puerto Rican These are the good days, young dudes got hood ways Young shorties here never act their age Young cats wear do-rags, no braids or waves Besides school, the movies is where they misbehave We from Peekskill, baby And the Peekskill babies rep Peekskill crazy No Martin Luther, but it pops off on Main Street Damn, I love the city that made me [chorus] My city got them hit making, trunk bumping, love it in your whip and Living life with loud music bumping in my system Smiling at them cops cause them haters can't get me I feel like I'm a king in my city And we almost lost... Everything that we came for, but nah y'all, we got to work harder Til we getting money like we're young S. Carters Grind til we die, that's how all of us was brought up So the other day, I'm driving up by the high school and I seen my man up there, chilling. I'm like, "Yo, what you doing up here? We graduated years ago, son. Leave them girls alone." [verse 2] Ride, ride, ride with me, y'all Take another ride with me through 914 Niggas ice grill if they've never seen you before They're plotting on your rob, you better get out of dodge And if somebody dies here, we all know about it Small city but this shit's still hood, never doubt it PHS to Park Street, we're all bout it, bout it 4th of July, we all hit the river and it be crowded Hollering at them jump offs, hoping something jump off They be fronting most of the time, so it never jump off 10566 rep crazy Damn I love the city that made me [chorus] It's crazy, cause the other day I went to the barbershop and there was like 5 barbers in there but only one of them could cut. I'm sitting there waiting for him, and he calls me up like, "Yo Noodle, want your cut?" I'm like, "Oh yeah, no doubt." So I get up in the chair, you know, he does his thing. He cuts me up, and he gives me the mirror...and son Zekes me! I'm like, "Yo, you know you ain't getting paid for this, right?" [verse 3] Yeah, glad you could ride with me, y'all Hope you enjoyed your stay here in 914 All we do is play ball, or beats to spit bars From Bohlman to Dunbar, even up in Stuhr Gardens Where we dream to be at Madison Square Garden Out of these apartments, my city's the hardest My heart is the largest, loving it for real You looking for me, I'm in Peekskill [chorus]
914 02:54
[verse 1 intro] Noodle: Yo CYPH, get in my nigga. CYPH-LOW: It is What it Is, baby. [verse 1 - CYPH-LOW] I was born in the city where the skinny niggas ride Born in the city where the skinny niggas pull 4-5s and make any nigga fry, any nigga die Life ain't always pretty in the city where the niggas want to hit me When they see me sitting pretty, riding by Low, I keep a little 9 or a 4-5 with me in the stizzy everytime you see me drive Oh Lord, go y’all Izod, iPod full of beats, go hard like a freak Spit like a retard with no teeth, move bricks, try to dodge the police Think quick when you walk in the streets, don’t bitch cause you’re talking to a beast, and that be me And if you walk through 9-1-4, you better ask about C-Y-P, ya know [verse 2 intro] Noodle: Yo Haze, what's good my nigga? R. Haze: Yo! Yo Noodle, I got you on this one. [verse 2 - R. Haze] I rep that 9 like the thing on my waistline 1 like the top spot, can’t none of y’all take mine 4 like the golfer when he swing at the tee Peekskill, Click City, nigga that’s where I be H-A-Z-E, the best ever from Westchester, besides The Lox And I invest in that cocaine just like the stocks Anytime I’m in the game, I’m scoring I’m the rap Elt Brand, Armstrong, and Ben Gordon, I’m on [verse 3 intro] Noodle: Yeah! Young Guito, it's on you, kid. Young Guito: I got you, my nigga. [verse 3 - Young Guito] It’s GTG, Mr. Get Guap, homie Straight out of Click City with the 5th cocked on me Cause I can’t let a nah nigga get the drop on me When that thing pop, you’ll get lowered in a box slowly Cause I’m a one man army, I rock doly I don’t need a squad, Y.G. will squeeze the rod So fuck how tough you think you is You’ll get shot like Pac if you think you BIG, up in... [verse 4 intro] Noodle: N-double-O! Hah! [verse 4 - Noodle] Leave it up to the realest nigga alive to destroy and eat these wack MCs I smack MCs, choke you rappers out like you don’t have to breathe I told you niggas fall back, let me stack my cheese But they keep on trying to rap to the beats, that’s when you end up with tragedies One rapper, two rappers, three rappers, four In just 6 of my bars I murdered 40 million more And all you underground niggas ain’t show us love before Don’t you niggas dare ever get caught slipping up there in the 9-1-4
Time Machine 03:22
[verse 1 intro - Sabrina Michelle] 1990s: Music became more creative then ever. Hip hop was at its highest as an influence in the lives of the people. [verse 1 - Noodle] It was the 90s, a point in time where hip hop was something to listen to Real stories, not just who's flossing and killing who The realest dudes, when you mastered your flow or was lyrical If not, as soon as you stopped spitting, niggas spit at you Rocking the crowd with bars harder than a helmet Get a mic and you melt it, even them haters felt it Nobody could deny it if you're fire And now it's like you rap, they deny it, cause all you rappers is liars Before the internet became a grind Open mics and showcases wasn't a waste of time I bet if you did a little history then you would find To be the best of the future, you gotta go back in time [verse 2 intro - Sabrina Michelle] 1980s: The decade in which hip hop was born. The decade of dancing and having fun. [verse 2] These days, we were doing all we could for you Had to rely on the music, it felt good to you Speed it up, slow it down, take it to the floor, now Your town, my town, no town like Motown Going to the showdown, first 80s hoedown In the middle of Harlem, we're on a roll now Listening to Kool Herc spitting on stage Break dancing, MCs, and DJs The golden age, the golden era Where Hip hop's born, in the Bronx, it couldn't be better You can grab a microphone if you had the heart If you didn't have skills, they'd rip you apart Everything was original and made you groove No promotional stunts, no Auto-Tunes It was real as Roxanne in the good ol' days The 80s, where being real got you radio play...huh huh... [verse 3 intro - Sabrina Michelle] 1970s: Music was moreso personal, relevant to whatever you experienced in life; unity was displayed. [verse 3 - Noodle] 70s music included a lot of soul A little inspiration, a little rock and roll We was born to be wild and lose control And overcome what came about the years before We can act like being black or white never meant shit Color of your skin could determine a friendship White people used to come and watch Jimi Hendrix Black people still beefing, trying to get in shit Hustling's poppin, cocaine's poppin You could get it, you could use it, you could be like Janis Joplin Or try to make a profit something like Frank Luc Feel the magic from the blues and, baby, you can't lose Pimps on the rise, real thugs, and more Real bosses in the mob was around for sure In the music you could hear the people ask about war 1970s, what was war good for? [verse 4 intro - Sabrina Michelle] 1960s: Music was influenced in expressing new ideas, raising issues of the decade. [verse 4 - Noodle] See, 1960s music jumps on the scene With a dream, and letting our freedom ring Shout to Martin Luther King, for him being brave Cause him being brave allowed me to be me today Obama's here now, but JFK Was a hero in the 60s, blown away We're supposed to be equal, all of our people But JFK wouldn't sell us out like the Beatles Making music wasn't for the cash It was helping our people, you can ask Johnny Cash Ironic, music was more like a movement Civil rights on the mic, start a revolution That opened up them doors for you to be you So do whatever you can for you to be true This is real music, hope you like the sound Back to the future, let's listen to music now
Long Gone 04:12
[chorus] I been long gone, I been on my grind I won't be gone long, I'll be back in time for you So hold on, I'm in the booth, I'm on the block The 9 to 5, everything I do's for you [verse 1 - Noodle] Another brother coming up, now understand I'm doing all I can as a man I'm trying to survive in a world that was planned To bring my brothers down to the ground, God damn I asked my lady, "What you crying for? I'm on the other side, what you think I'm grinding for? And what you think a brother's doing all this rhyming for?" If I say it's all for me, I'd be lying, y'all And I'm as true as the truth gets My fam talks slick and and say a brother's quick to split Like I ain't chilling with the family and the little kids I'm like, "Look, there's too much money out there to get" And then I stroll on my own path Gotta get this money up, the cops is on my black ass They can't stop me, I'ma rise like the price of gas And I'ma grind for this paper til the day I pass [chorus x2] [verse 2 - LaRue] Listen carefully, I'm out here hustling I can't be struggling, working hard and ending up with nothing Economy's assed out, loans ain't being passed out Drug game? Nah I ain't going that route So I go in shows and party, that's my way to get out Selling CDs and t-shirts, that's my hustle route The gift of gab, to sell until I'm sold out Offers on the table, none in the millions so I gotta hold out Managed a few artists but they didn't pan out You can't stop my grind, I gotta go all out Til the death of me, for the love of my family I tell my wife, "This is how it's gotta be" But she wants to beef with me and don't believe up in my dream So I created the BURN U team to get this cream Unity and positivity, whatever falls in between We need a lot of green, catch us on the movie screens [chorus x2] [verse 3 - Noodle] Yo M-Nasty, just let it breathe Now let it breathe Yeah, now let's be honest, ain’t a rapper out there rhyming Or grinding harder then N-double-O-D as you can see Told y’all on the track with Jass D, I’m an insomniac All over this almanac, rappers rapping cannot relax Taking NoDoz, me and La spitting them dope flows Too sick for a quarantine, I cop the cure, bozos There he go go, like Gadget when he go-go Try to diss the N-O-O is definitely a no no Interview after interview and promo to promo This kid will go go c-c-c-crazy, l-l-l-loco On the Frank Sinatra verse on Escape Route Sacrifice the family and them chicks for this paper count Then create that bank account, get that paper and take it out Tell the family I’ve been long gone, but I done made it out [chorus x2]
This is the track for those that didn't believe in him Those that bailed out during times when we really needed them Those that crossed me, thinking that I was on the team with them I hope they see my success now and I hope it eats at them And those that laughed every time that we were greeting them Saying we would make it when they really didn't see it in him I rep my city to death, I'm never leaving them If you ain't like me then, it's fuck you now, it's that easy man It's for my brother, when he thought his girl would cheat on him Cried, but for the sake of the kids, he would try to be with her Another everyday, he'd try to balance time with me and her Puttin' up with her bullshit, I'm here if you need me bro It's been a long and bumpy road, I tie my sneakers up Walk with me if you want, and turn your speakers up Now roll your windows down and put your middle fingers up And scream "Fuck the world and whoever disagrees with us" In high school, this rap shit was just a dream to us Now we hit the studio, it's a reality to us To all you local MC's, think you seeing us? I will eat you alive alone, and I'll beat you up Taking shots at Feature on the low, I see what's up Take a shot at me on a track nigga, and see what's up Shouts to Urbanizm, M-Nasty, what up I got this booth on fire and I barely heated up See, everybody in the world says they're feeling us I see success around the corner so I speed it up My mama used to tell me, "Boy, you don't need to rush" I was 16, I turned around, and now was 21 I give thanks to my grandma for trying to keep me up And thanks to my girl for once trying to teach a nigga trust And J-Pound, I love you my nigga, keep in touch And Noyd, thanks for looking out when I need it, cuz Tianna, I love you to death, I don't see you much If I could change that then I would, please believe it, yup! Cause every time I think of you, I feel I need to jump I could touch the sky with you in mind, Crazy T what up Now look at me, I'm stuck Wondering why Mrs. Cora can't be with us, she's resting in peace above And now I miss her to death, she would speak with love I think of her and Uncle Billy, and I need a hug I never met a girl as real as Janeika nor Alicia But I ain't really had the time to try and speak to them In my life, I messed a whole lot of people up Came between best friends, that's just what creepin' does I broke a lot of hearts, that's what a secret does Things we do for love, I can't explain what kind of creep I was But maybe it wasn't me, they just needed love But damn, who was there for me when I needed love? Who was there with two arms when I needed hugs? I'm on my grind every day, I still need a buzz I'm fucking up, my head hurts, I think I need a drug I can't breathe, I nearly messed my breathing up Your boy got a million songs for the people But they're in my notebook, cause studio time ain't free for us It's a new day, so hopefully we'll see what's up And fuck those who ain't believe in us! My God...


released April 9, 2010

Music produced by M-Nasty, Cory G, New Millenium, and Anno Domini Beats.

Additional vocals by Ella Lazel, Big Snuff, POET, Feature, Christa Victoria, Shira, Catie G, Marcus Bullops, Lou Ella, Jo-Jo Silla, CYPH-LOW, R. Haze, Young Guito, Sabrina Michelle, and LaRue.


all rights reserved



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