Noodle the Innocent Child - First Thought

from by Urbanizm Music



It's like when I wake up in the morning, I got some stuff on my mind, you know? Before I even get out the bed...I figured I'd take this opportunity to share that with you, you know?

Good morning...

I was cool with everybody, now I diss dudes
I noticed cats is fake and I don't get dudes
They hating on these other brothas cuz they live smooth
Jealous and mad yeah, that's what you call a bitch move

I figured I could write some rhymes and maybe figure out
What side these dudes is on and what these niggas bout
Cause there's the quiet type that creep up on 'em, knock 'em out
And there's the loud type that won't scrap just run their mouth

And there's these rappers dissing rappers cuz they're getting dough
And they be on their grind, you chilling at home living broke
See, I'm the money over women cuz it rules the world
And you the type of dude to blame your failures on your girl

Are you an underground king cuz you're getting love
Or a rapper that won't never make it with an ill buzz?
I'm the type to ride fly and roll on them dubs
And you the type to ride high and roll up a dub

You MC's ain't got no sense of music
Most of y'all are jokes with no sense of humor
Some should've been the next Jordan or Ewing
But the grades messed you up, you resorting to this music

Y'all need to stop it
Cuz some of y'all be on the block with the 5th cocked, some of y'all be cock blocking
I grind every hour of the day
Get pussy, get money, take a shit, shower, shave

Some rappers dead and gone should still be alive
Some alive writing songs, I kinda wish they had died
Spit the truth in the booth, you living a lie
And ain't none of y'all fucking with I, bottom line!

On the road to success, weak spitters get passed
They talk a lot of shit, of course, niggas is ass
So twisted I laugh
If they're saying rapping ain't about making this money, then they broke or living in cash

Cuz niggas is trash
The booth's on fire when I'm in it like the mic was a light, I'm spittin the gas
That's flames, I move behind the scenes
Bring the cams around me I'ma bounce like Jigga did Dash

I'm real, when I die remember me for my words
I really do what I say, remember me for my verbs
You ever talking about these MC's, that's my word
Make sure you separate me from the herbs

And one hit wonders, I'm gaining my respect
25 years long and I ain't claiming no regrets
Cuz everything happens for a reason
I'ma talk just how I'm feeling, til there's gunshots raining on my chest

With a body full of lead
I'll be another rapper dead for popping off at the mouth for shit I shouldn't have said
Or shit I shouldn't have thought
At the end of the day I'm only speaking my thoughts coming out of my head

And some niggas' head's bigger than they buzz
When they going where they going they forget where they was
If you ain't jump up on the track, that's cool, that's what's up
But fuck you for not showing us love

A lotta rappers ain't feeling me
But yet they study my music and every move for creativity

A lotta rappers ain't feeling me
But yet they study my music and every move for creativity

All y'all punks
And most of these niggas wanna see me get smoked, I'm a little too blunt
Roll up on me if you want
And you'll hear more than this drum kick thump

Niggas mad weak, I'm makin sure that niggas can't sleep
On my grind so at the same time, niggas can't eat
Even worse I'm a real dude that niggas can't beat
I'm nice over the beat, the same dancing in the street

Lucky me, you hate me cuz I'm what you want to be
And me falling to the floor is something you would want to see
What it be, if I lose it wasn't me
All these thoughts running through my head and I ain't even brush my teeth...

First thought when I rise is niggas that I despise
Since I know how to rhyme they got a problem with I
I go to bed and wake up nice
So take a shot at me or Feature, your career will be the price


from The Preview, released December 22, 2009
Vocals by Noodle the Innocent Child; Music by Giz.



all rights reserved


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