Noodle the Innocent Child - Summertime in My City

from by Urbanizm Music



It's the second week of June, it's hot as hell outside
It's not hot but it's really hell outside, let me explain
See my views of hell are not a bunch of human shish kebobs
It's an old lady walking with her purse and niggas rob her

Run around the corner, take out everything she owns that's worth something
She can't stop them, she can barely move her bones
People across the street that witness what they did
Ain't saying nothing but look at me and say, "This is how it is"

Cuz this is where we live, we're used to seeing crack fiends,
Gangs wars, and people die with no insurance for the vaccines
I don't understand what's going on today
I swear that hell's taking over in the strongest way

We all need to pay attention now, we all should pray
I kinda feel like it's a sin to live longer days
See, everything's always the same under the sun
But I don't think this summer's gonna be that fun

It's a cruel, cruel summer (summertime in the city)
Leaving me here on my own (summertime)
It's a cruel, cruel summer (it's summertime in my city)
Now you're gone, you're not the only one (summertime)

There's people dying cuz they carry AIDS, dying at an early age
The book of life is very scary, I'm scared to turn the page
To see what I'm supposed to see and say what I have to say
Put your hands together but don't clap y'all, we have to pray

I don't even think I had a chance to smile or laugh today
Just thinking of this world and how my friend Unishun passed away
It's fucked up, and and another thing that's really killing me
Is all of these niggas and their jealousy

If you're a man and your girl cheats, see that don't make you less of a man
Damn, that's just how girls are gonna be
Girls cheat like we, B, everybody fucks, man
Look at some of them girls you fucked, it's just a nut, man

What man can't understand why his lady would lust, man?
I've been hurt to teach you how not to give a fuck, man
But if you're really stuck, then you can never give up, man
Give shorty a diamond ring or find you a summer love, man


Now most of us know how being a victim of the streets can be
Those that don't know seem to get manipulated easily
Lured into the gangs, the violence, the drugs,
The peer pressure can really fuck you up (excuse my French)

But there's niggas out here acting like they don't give a fuck
Until one of them innocent kids get hit up
Or stuck on dope or drugs like coke
Or end up being shot by one of them guns that smoke

And all these young niggas wanna be G's and gangsta rappers
Cuz the money rules the world and pussy comes faster
These ladies become sluts by giving niggas nuts
To be with the popular cat in school, and that's all that he wants

So he can brag about his whips
And brag about the chicks he hits raw dog, but won't admit when he's getting sick
And it's sick but it's coming
The season after spring, I call it hell, but everyone else seems to call it summer



from The Preview, released December 22, 2009
Vocals by Noodle the Innocent Child; Music by DCT.



all rights reserved


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