Noodle the Innocent Child - The Preview (Intro)

from by Urbanizm Music



Let me be the one to introduce you to the sound in your system
That you're about to witness, the future sound, Urbanizm
Destroying corny musicians has now become a mission
Taking out all competition yet giving them words of wisdom

It's for musical lovers and all of those who'll listen
Paint a bigger picture for bigger visions like John Hendrixs
With a sound so raw, 100% pure
For your ears to adore

All of the regulars and the followers, we don't want them anymore
We're trendsetters, and those who oppose will go to war with us
All for one, one for all, that means all of us
Khakolak, grab the bat and start swinging at rappers' tourist bus!

All genres in this industry needs us
We the best 2009, shout out to T-Dub
Those not involved, it's now time you need to
This ain't even the album yet it's the Preview....

I love real music...
It's the sound to me, you know what I'm saying?
The qualities and the levels, everything gotta be on point...
Lyrics man, concepts, ya know what I mean?

It's plenty to gain now, a lot to be lost
If we don't drop The Preview then hip hop will be lost
So to my first love, hip hop, I got you of course
If it takes my whole life and some help from Joshua Morse

I'm here, DBefekt Urbanizm Affiliate
Mustin as well, plus our powerhouse Diggi Dis
I can't describe Skrybe when he's getting into it
Give Me Wings, I see that all 3 of us was killing it!

This is more then rythm, melodies, and hooks
Corny rhymes and gimmicks, fake image and looks
Dale North's as real as the pale horse on the rook
No matter how we may look to y'all, we ain't shook

From Neo Soul to hip hop, music is hot
Mr. Jones on the team, you get it or get got
The Innocent just popped
And thanks to Raz Aktar, Myf, B-Lyn and of course... Big Shot


We here...


from The Preview, track released December 22, 2009
Vocals by Noodle the Innocent Child; Music by Anno Domini Beats.



all rights reserved


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