Khakolak Boy - Evolved (The Dialogue)

from by Urbanizm Music



Tracks get ripped like an arm from a socket
Dripping blood lyric grip that's ergonomic
IED bomb hit, too strong
Lick wounds in tune with the moon and a comet

You could say I'm on it, or even better
Commend me like Skyzoo the BK repper
Check with Mr. Khakolak and once you know the fact
You can never go back, like when you go black

Proving that I'm deadly like the five venoms
You could pretty much guess just where I'll send them
Quote my flows, know that I meant them
Try to slow me down, I gain momentum

Like a Pentium dual quad core
Think they got power? I could give you a lot more
Drop raw, what you hustle on the block for
Rock y'all like a broad's knees getting lock jaw

I want to rock y'all
Harder than a foul when you're mauled in street ball
Hip Hop has evolved
Let me take it back to how it was before it fell off
I was you to call
Out my name cuz my aim is to get you involved
Then I'll you my all
Man I swear I will dog, just check the dialogue!

Heat type plasma, time to incinerate
Appetite for destruction, scrape your dinner plate
This ain't thinner weight up and down the interstate
I need a bigger plate, come on dog get it straight

Peasly eighths, that ain't weight dun
I speak in multiples of the mass of the sun
He who's won relies not on poison
To get this done, don't need a gun to moisten

Voice and thoughts, a superior ability
To wet up chest cavities and shake your stability
Killer MC, you've found the epitome
Could be on your death bed and still ain't as ill as me

Just take a pill and see matrix ain't the remedy
The deepest you could get's the surface of this entity
I'm the furthest thing from your enemy
You've been praying for some fresh air, well what he sent was me

Ahhh! I know it's refreshing so breathe it
Inhale, exhale deep cuz you need it
Feed this hunger that's ready for a feast
To silence the rumble in the belly of the beast


Theories of conspiracy, so clear to see
Misery reaped by man throughout history
Listerine would even have its work cut out
To burn these germs we've learned how to shut out

Must doubt all of what we fear and half of what we see
Cuz half of what we think we saw ain't what it seems to be
Easily we can turn the other cheek and pretend
That this never even happened, but it did so again

We're stuck between right and wrong
Like the choices I have when I'm writing these songs
Sure I could fill your ears with some hype in a bong
Perched in front of my PC typing along

But I can't sell you what I don't do
Be obliged to do the same, please won't you?
If not, the heed the wrath of my lyric
Cuz everytime I breathe on a mic, you gonna feel it



from The Preview, released December 22, 2009
Vocals by Khakolak Boy; Music by Anno Domini Beats.



all rights reserved


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