"I made up my mind, don’t need to think it over..." Urbanizm Music has cooked up something remarkable with this new single. The opening line of Adele's heartfelt “Chasing Pavements” was cleverly spun as the hook and entitled "This Ain’t Lust."

The distinguished lyricists on the Urbanizm Music label paint a story that speaks to a profound message: there's more to a woman than just her body and sensuality; the brilliance of one's brain has the potency to magnetically draw attention alike. This song is relatable to the masses and intriguing in that the vocalist is fiercely attracted to the female lead's mind instead of the frequent “full-bodied, pretty-faced” persona that is so fetishized in the music industry. Not unlike the late 2Pac, the urban talent is able to use his lyrical skill to portray topics of substance in his music.

Artists featured on the track include Noodle Noo (who is returning after announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Peekskill, New York), Mr. J1S, Champz and Khakolak Boy. In the coming weeks, you can expect some more frustratingly dope content from the label. "This Ain’t Lust" is set to release July 3rd of this year. The direction in which the music group aims to take its music is unprecedented territory, and it is certainly one you do not want to sleep on!


This aint lust...

[Mr. J1S]
Nah, 'cause if it was, I could shake it off
See I'm feeling like Floyd, I can't take a loss
I played it off like I felt this before
But the sex somehow with her? Meant even more
Then I played it in my head yo, over and over
Friends laughing at me like, "Yo you don't even know her
You met her and smashed in like, what? A week and a half?"
What got me was her mind, son, not even the ass
Honestly? I had this feeling before I talked to her
Like the Fourth of July, she had a spark to her
Claude Monet beauty, there was an art to her
My only regret, not giving her all my sooner
Too much of a good thing, still never enough
If ever there was? Still never was love
Yeah I'm sorry, this the best I could do
All I wanted was my love to bring the best out of you

I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong, I am right, don't need to look no further
This ain't lust

Bad...Puerto Rican, Dominican
You're sweeter than cinnamon and your features are glimmering
On a eve that we're intimate, you be leaving me shivering
I'd cleaver my ligament just to see you with infinite
Peace and legitimate reasons to benefit
I'll give you a nice life, our son will be cheery and innocent
I'll bleed for the will to believe that I'll give you a key
That can build a cathedral full of glee that is limitless
Before we met my...life was in awful order
It's like I was caught in water the night that I saw you
All in my sight witcha gorgeous aura, I could've called a lawyer
Because you stole my heart, swiped it, and walked up off with it
And now I'm calling you Mama Bear
We're shopping for baby pajama wear, I promise that I'ma care
For you with non-stop honor and I can dare
To say that I'll love you until I'm slumped in a rocking chair
And that's love


[Noodle Noo]
Remember when I met you and I grabbed you by the hand?
The best moments in life aren't planned
We kicked it for a little while, we laughed a lot, we joked a lot and danced
Always had a good time 'cause I'm the king with romance
I could talk to you and tell you things and you could understand
You talked to me 'cause from the jump, we was 100 grand
I never had to lie to you at all
I told you about my girl and you started giving me more
Somehow started to fall and I would fall too
When your phone rang, you'd answer but you'd ignore boo
What me and you shared? Yeah, that's what we call true
And it is cliché but you needed something new
We had to keep it secret so together this is trust
As long and me and you were happy, there was always us
I saw you and him and my heart felt like it flushed
We caught eye contact and then I realized that this ain't lust


[Khakolak Boy]
When you grab my mind, everything I see
Equals a poetic sequel when you're speaking to me
Your words are dripping on my ears
Actions speak louder but I'm loving what I hear
So seductive, seductress
Let your fingers slip, reach out, and touch this
Can I repay the favor?
Allow me to woo you, personally catered
Meals and such, feel the clutch
Of many hundred horses appealing with such
An elaborate display of abilities
Luxurious living pimping these exquisitely
Crafted whips, nothing but the best for you
Imagine trips, your quality of life improves
And since one in the hand is worth two in the bush
You're the only one I need don't push, cause...

This ain't lust, I know this is love


released July 3, 2017
(J. Jones, N. Corrente, A. Rainey, T. Clayton)

Produced by Anno Domini Nation.

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Clayton.


all rights reserved



Urbanizm Music Tampa

With a vision to give the urban music community a sound that provided music lovers with an elevated awareness of the beauty of true instrumentation, and expose them to lyrical content they wouldn't find on today's radio, Urbanizm Music was founded. At Urbanizm, the music is more important than the industry. We don't have beat makers and rappers, we house true, spirited instrumentalists and MCs. ... more

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