Mr. Jones - Get Yours

from by Urbanizm Music



My life, it’s like I’m losing years off it
You see my main concern is earning a profit
I’m yearning to rock with the finer things
Nicer bling fingers numb from diamond rings
These the kinda things that keep me day dreaming
About the number one spot number I’ll one day be in
Look at what I’ve become I once was a bum
Now I summon my funds thumbing through ones
Under 80 degree sun picking shrimp out my gums
The exotic aroma rushes my lungs I’ve only begun
Hold up, I’m a slow it down like Bobby V and put a monopoly
On the entire economy, so why talk? I rather be about it
I don’t see things your way I see around it
Staying grounded like the misbehaved
Fresh like ya calendar I never miss a day
Outlook on life so bright I kinda miss the shade

Get yours cuz I’m a go and get mine
Why ya hand out homey? I ain’t throwing a dime
Get yours I ain’t sharing at all
You can tell from the swell it’s apparent I ball
Get yours leave that shit to the birds
You hood? I’m good playa straight out the burbs
Get yours the shit is only making you week
What you make in a week I make in my sleep

The blues you never see me sing
While ya’ll records is sounding like BB King
You can see me bling down avenue 5 or
Malibu drive in an infallible ride can’t handle
The natural vibe of my talent and drive I’m fresh
Casual fly the flow? Flammable high so why
Challenge this guy? With amateur strides
You’ll end up damaged no pride how you gone
Manage to hide? You can barely manage ya life
Going on and on like you doing the damn thing
Still in ya moms crib not doing a damn thing
So get up off me questions exhaust me
Bout what it cost me even if you knew
Could you afford it? Hardly, I know what you
Got now you thought of as wealth but you
Better off keeping that thought on the shelf
Damn my dude when ya parents planned you...shit
They should a kept that thought to they self


Nah I never heard you rhyme homes
By the time ya mic’s on I’m in a whole other time zone
My minds gone eyes on the horizon of a
Caribbean coast that you’ll never book a flight on
Ride on in ya rhinestones the blind tones
Within my diamonds a shut ya eyes sewn
Leave ya mind blown as I vibe on even
Getting fresh in the no fly zone where ever I roam
Dimes moan in love with my light tone no love for
Bitches jump offs slide on you dying to ride chrome
I’m tryin to buy homes you lying to dimes sighing
That you got signed on look how much I’ve grown
Over the island I’m known don’t admire my stones
Ain’t nothing to keep ya mind on you could lease
The piece or at least try loans but everything that I own
I got on my own



from The Preview, released December 22, 2009
Vocals by Mr. Jones; Music by Anno Domini Beats.



all rights reserved


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