Skrybe - The Message (Diggi Dis Remix)

from by Urbanizm Music



As I stand in front of this microphone set inside of this booth
I wonder if I should be bringing the truth
Or if I should just conform to the ways of most cats these days
And spit about my 9 milli's that spray

Knowing I ain't the type of brother to end the life of another
Over flat-out stupid shit like icy chains and whips
But still this cat is dipped and living better than me
Even though I spit it better than he

Collectively, I don't associate with cats that spit raps about ice
Or use the pen to create thug life
I stick with dudes that's real in every sense of the word and the feel
In more fields than just the one that you die living their lives

The game's not a compromise, we all spit about us
MC's are what you rap and I don't spit about bucks
I just spit for the only one that signs the checks
That's Mr. S.K. from VA, about time that I rep

Create a buzz and get love and respect
All off the fact that I can spit about more than drugs, money, and sex
And if you all can do the same, then you remain with more time in the game
Instead of five minutes of fame when you left

Now you can call me what you want: hater, clown, underground
It doesn't matter cuz I'm bringing that sound
And you have to pay attention when I mention your name
Or else your thug friends will call you a lame that backed down

Let me guess, I'm wack now for bringing the truth
If I'd known it'd be hurtful to you, I'd still spit it
And for you cats that like to tangle words, don't get it twisted
I'm still with it and wicked like the Witch of the West

Difference is I don't have a Tech, I don't carry a 9
My only weapon is my pen with the rhymes
Mightier than swords, and before any of you herbs say a word
Observe how I brought the light to your eyes

Then go ahead with your rhyme about how you'll bring my demise
Through the barrel of a gun with no thought
Just a steady stream of curse words that's put to a beat that's hot
And you think that you've achieved in this game? I think not!

You better reevaluate the way you're repping yourself
Or think about if you even are, or repping for wealth
Cuz if when you step back and start to see the startling truth
Part of you might question your thought in the booth, and that's real.


from The Preview, released December 22, 2009
Vocals by Skrybe; Original music by Mr. Royce; Remixed music by Diggi Dis.



all rights reserved


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